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Everyone knows that Vikings didn’t keep to a schedule. They simply did things when they felt like it. Avalon 4 will take a similar attitude, but here is a rough outline of key highlights. The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to arrive on Friday and stay all weekend! Friday, August 14: 10:00 Gates Open Welcome and orientation for new Avalonians Meet and greet old friends and make new ones 13:00 Opening Ritual 15:00 Archery and Axe Wall Open 17:00 - 18:00 Mead Hall Open 19:00 Drumming Circle 20:00 Musical Entertainment: OPEN MIKE ... anyone who wants to take the stage - go for it! 22:00 Drumming and dancing around the firepit Saturday, August 15: 10:00 Pagan Ritual TBA 11:00 Shield Making followed by Shield Drills 11:30 Building the Avalon Man 13:00 Archers vs. Shield Wall 14:00 Longsword Demonstration 15:00 Archery and Axe Wall Open 15:00 Raid on Baddeck! Sometime on Saturday afternoon (exact time TBA) the unsuspecting folk of the village of Baddeck will be raided by Vikings (in full regalia, including horned helmets and shields) to replenish supplies. Please note: a designated driver will be at the helm (wheel) ... unless we can somehow get our hands on a boat ... in which case ... I leave it to your imagination ... ;) 17:00 - 18:00 Mead Hall Open 17:00 Viking Feast 19:30 Children’s Bardic (5 minute limit!) 20:00 Adults Bardic (5 minute limit!) 22:00 Drumming and dancing around the firepit Sunday, August 16: 12:00 Shield Wall 15:00 Archery and Axe Wall Open 17:00 - 18:00 Mead Hall Open 17:00 Closing Ritual and Viking Funeral

Volunteer Rota

Please note that this year we are initiating a Volunteer Rota. This means that everyone who attends Avalon 4 will be required to donate 2 hours of their time to help the festival run smoothly. The Volunteer Rota sign-up sheet will be available in the sunroom, please sign up upon arrival and indicate your preference for volunteer duty. Duties will include: main gate, childcare, kitchen duty, washroom cleanup, grounds cleanup, and security. Please understand that in order to keep Avalon free, we need your help. Thank you! We are open to suggestions and welcome offers of help/donations for activities & entertainment! Email us your ideas.

Vendors Welcome

Avalon Gathering is the perfect venue for small craft vendors of all kinds. If you have a unique handmade product, we want you! We are also looking for artisans who are willing to demonstrate their craft at Avalon Gathering. If you would like to host a workshop or demonstration, please let us know which date and time you are available, so that we can add you to the schedule. The cut-off date for vendor sign-up is AUGUST 1, 2015. As well, please email us your details so that we can add your link to our website. We also welcome renaissance/new age services such as crystal and tarot card readers, and one of a kind crafts such as staffs, dreamcatchers, leatherwork, jewelry, metalwork, etc. If you have a product or service that you think would be a good fit for Avalon Gathering, please email us with details.

Merry Meet in Avalon!

Viking Timeline

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